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About Us

They say, “There is no love sincerer than the love for food”. For us, there is no love sincerer than the love for DESI FOOD! At PETHFULL, we serve you our best food with a unique Desi twist. Our one simple mantra “We only serve food that we love to eat.”We at Pethfull love being part of our customer’s lives through great food. For us, sharing flavours, stories and experiences with our users are what Pethfull is all about.

It provides the perfect platform for customers to find their ideal home chef or cuisine, within their neighbourhood and order that perfectly prepared pethfull meal’ on a hectic day. Don’t be surprised, You may be able to find and order that yummy aloo masala from your next-door grandma that you have been sniffing upon from your window.

Our Testimonials

-- Ruchitha Jain

"The food served is just above perfection. The spread is so varied and every dish tastes yummy... Being a Bangalorean I feel everyone must and should order here once to experience the quality food which is indeed wow."

-- Ashwin Dewan

It was really tasty and filling. The paneer was very soft prepared with an adequate amount of oil. Kudos! I would order again and again if you could maintain the high standard! Thank you for the meal.

-- Afsa Malik

Pethfull has nailed it when it comes to achieving the balance of health and taste, proving that healthy food need not necessarily be bland.

-- Suresh Hinduja

Sumptuous meal. I ordered this combo for dinner and was pleasantly surprised to see a personal message from the chef with the meal. The food was light, delectable and the portion size..... just brilliant. Absolute value for money. I am glad I ordered and I will share my experience with all my friends. Great job guyz!